Plays and Musicals by Cora L. Jackson

of the

Concert of the Cross takes place just after Jesus' crucifixion - was He really who He said He was, or just a misguided fool?
This musical gospel passion play was originally performed in 1998, and has been on stages from London to Boise to Seattle. Two videos, sheet music and a CD recording are available.

Mary Had a
Little Lamb

Mary Had a Little Lamb asks "What would you think if your fourteen-year-old daughter told you she was pregnant with God's child?!" This full length musical covers the nine months preceding the birth of Jesus. Just imagine the talk at the beauty parlor!
Much of the music has been recorded or is available in sheet music.

Fallen Angels

In Fallen Angels, Abby is batteling Dee (short for Depression) and all of her 'fallen angel' friends - but doesn't think to let Holy Spirit out of her guest room to lend her a helping hand...
not yet publicly performed.

God's Trombones

God's Trombones Cora's original music accompanies James Weldon Johnson's "Seven Negro Sermons" in a musical style.
Not yet publicly performed.


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