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"What? Our teenager thinks she's pregnant with God's child?!?!" What would you think if your fourteen-year-old daughter told you she was pregnant with God’s baby?  What would the talk around town be? 

This original musical production incorporates gospel music, interpretive dance and acting to tell the story of the nine months preceding the birth of Jesus.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

a full length musical Written by

Cora L. Jackson

Steve Thompson as 'Joseph'
Michelle Bartlett as 'Mary' with baby Jesus

Last performed on
December 17 & 18, 2004
Carco Theatre Renton, WA



Act I Scene I
Mary’s mother informs Mary’s father (Heli) that she is pregnant with the Son of God. Heli is less than enthusiastic.

Scene 2
Joseph’s father stays romantic advances from his wife Naomi by telling her Joseph is going to marry Mary even though the baby is not his.

Act II Scene I
Elizabeth, in her mid to late 50’s, is about to give birth to her first baby. Zachariah, her husband, is having sympathetic birth pains, Ruth the midwife, is sure Elizabeth is birthing a tumor, Amos the nephew believes birthing babies is purely women’s work.

Scene II
Little John is born and it’s time to name the baby, but Zachariah has to be the one to officially state the baby’s name, and he can’t speak.

Act III Scene I
The gossip is flying at the beauty parlor…along comes Naomi. Whose side will she be on?

Scene II
How does one effectively husband one who is pregnant with God’s baby? How do you top God? Do you try?

Act IV Scene I
Deborah is having doubts about her daughter’s immaculate conception because she finds out the baby is to be born in Bethlehem and Mary and Joseph live in Nazareth. But Jacob gets the word that “everybody has to move”

Scene II
Scripture talks and makes sense . . . let’s put it to music! He’s born.


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  Music Clip: We Are Waiting For You